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          "Refractories industry standard conditions showroom management approach"
          Refractories industry standard conditions bulletin management approach
          Chapter I General Provisions
          The first list of refractories enterprises and production lines for the implementation of "refractories industry standard conditions (2014 version)," specification bulletin qualified to develop this approach.
          Article provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, industry and information technology departments (hereinafter referred to as provincial-level industry authorities) responsible for receiving, verification and recommend work in the region refractories Announcement application materials, supervision Check the condition of the implementation of the specification.
          Industry and Information Technology Department is responsible for the organization of the provincial industry authorities have recommended the application materials for review and publication, and the dynamic management announcement list.
          Chapter II Application and examination
          Article application publication refractories enterprises should meet the following basic requirements:
          (A) an independent legal entity;
          (Ii) comply with "refractory industry norm conditions (2014 version),";
          (Iii) to comply with state laws and regulations, no major violations.
          Article IV of the above conditions can be submitted to the refractories business line local provincial industry authorities' announcement refractories industry norm condition application "(see annex) and the relevant accompanying material, and the material responsible for the authenticity.
          Article "refractories industry standard application conditions bulletin" The main accompanying material includes a copy of the following documents:
          (A) Legal business license;
          (B) the project record documents;
          (Iii) the project land warrants or land use approval documents;
          (Iv) environmental protection project approval documents or emission permits;
          (V) The Environmental Protection acceptance comments, cleaner production audit file;
          (Vi) the recent environmental monitoring reports;
          (Vii) product quality inspection report and Quality Management System documents;
          (Viii) status report on the annual energy use or energy audit report (the annual consumption of 5,000 tons of standard coal and more enterprises);
          (Ix) the standardization of production safety and occupational health and safety management system valid documents;
          (Ten) business personal income tax certificate last year and pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance payment documents;
          Article VI of the competent departments of the provincial industrial application materials are complete and comply with the provisions of, and issue a notice of acceptance shall be admissible. The application materials are incomplete or do not meet the requirements, should inform the entire contents of a one-time business application need to be supplemented in 10 working days.
          Provincial industry authorities will recommend 20 working days after the verification of the application materials to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
          Article Ministry of Information Industry and the date of receipt of the provincial industry authorities have recommended the application materials within two months, the organization to complete the review.
          And a list of qualified production line business on the website of the Ministry of Information Industry and publicity 10 days, and the list of enterprises publicity without objection production line announcement.
          Article VIII of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial industry authorities in the verification, the review process, you can go to apply for enterprises according to the situation on the ground inspection, field inspection should be carried out two or more staff members. Site inspection results, the inspection staff and business representatives to sign it.
          Chapter III Supervision and Administration
          Article IX into the announcement list to organize production and business activities of enterprises in accordance with norms conditions and control self control specification conditions on a regular basis. January 31 each year on the annual inspection report will be submitted to the provincial industry authorities.
          Self-examination report is an important basis for supervision and inspection of the implementation of standardized business conditions, should indicate the following:
          (A) production operations;
          (B) quality management, cleaner production, energy saving, safety, occupational health and institution building and implementation of social responsibility;
          (Iii) legal representative, Main products and production capacity to change the situation.
          Article X of the provincial industrial department in charge of the audit report on corporate self-examination, can go to site supervision and inspection of enterprises Implementation Specification Conditions under the circumstances. March 31 will be the last year of supervision and inspection results and corporate self-examination report submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
          Article XI-site supervision and inspection of the implementation of standardized business conditions shall record the inspection, supervision and inspection personnel and business representatives to sign it.
          Article 12 No unit or individual is applying for announcement of business or have business announcements have not performed standardized conditions may apply to industrial departments at all levels to report or complaints.
          Article XIII has announced the companies have one of the following circumstances, the provincial industry authorities order its rectification.
          (A) does not perform standardized conditions;
          (Ii) the application materials submitted falsifications announcement;
          (Iii) refused to accept the supervision and inspection;
          (D) the occurrence of major quality accidents;
          (V) significant violations.
          Rectification unqualified, or the occurrence of major and above production safety and pollution incidents, industry authorities submitted by the provincial Industry and Information Technology Ministry to withdraw its announcement qualifications.
          Announcement of the enterprise has been revoked, the rectification qualified reintroduced before one year after announcement apply.
          Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions
          Article XIV accepted norm conditions apply bulletin may not be charged to the applicant companies.
          Article XV of the production of high-alumina clay clinker enterprise application bulletin, comprehensive energy consumption per unit of product quotas based on "refractories industry standard conditions (2014 version)," high bauxite execution.
          Article 16 These Measures since September 1, 2015 implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for interpreting and organizing amendments.