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          Ministry of Public Security: "Heritage building fire safety management ten regulations"
          First, the practical implementation of fire safety responsibility
          Property owners or management of heritage buildings, the use of man is the main responsibility for fire safety.
          Heritage property unit or building management, use shall establish and implement fire safety responsibility system step by step, clear levels, fire safety responsibilities of the various positions. Unit responsible for human persons responsible for fire safety, fire safety co-ordinate arrangements for the management of the unit. Fire safety key units belonging to heritage buildings should determine fire safety manager, responsible for organizing the daily fire safety management work, mainly to fulfill the program of work to develop the implementation of fire and fire safety systems, fire safety inspections and inspection organizations, the rectification of fire hazards, fire safety information education and training, fire fighting and emergency evacuation drills and other duties.
          Second, establish and improve the specialized agencies and part-time fire brigades
          Heritage property unit or building management, the use of units should be set (determined) equipped with specialized agencies, or to determine the special (and) fire management personnel, the specific implementation of fire safety management. We shall establish a full-time or volunteer fire brigades in accordance with law, combined with the corresponding actual fire equipment and fire-fighting equipment, fire fighting training on a regular basis.
          Third, strict fire facilities management
          The fire protection of heritage buildings should be required and the actual situation, determine the fire channel (fire road), configure the necessary fire water systems, fire facilities, installations and equipment, determining evacuation routes, safety exits, keeping the fire spacing. For visits, tours of heritage buildings and premises, to take practical measures for the safety and security of personnel.
          Will be allowed to expand or build a building (structure) building materials, occupy fire prevention space and fire channels (fire road) within the scope of heritage buildings adjoining regions and protection. Heritage building fire facilities, installations and equipment to strengthen the routine maintenance and periodic testing to ensure functionality.
          Fourth, strict fire management
          Strict control of the use of fire within a heritage building. When used for religious activities or residential buildings, etc. do need to use fire, should strengthen Huoyuanguanli take effective fire prevention measures by special care, people must be done away from the fire is out.
          Fifth, strict power management
          Heritage building power distribution equipment, electrical wiring, electrical selection, installation, etc. should comply with the relevant norms and fire safety requirements and is equipped with suitable electrical fire prevention devices. Should use low-voltage power supply and weak cold light illumination within a heritage building, generally not use electric appliances and high-power electrical appliances. We do need to use security measures to be taken to develop and implement the use of strict management system. Prohibited private pull random access electrical wiring, indoor and outdoor electrical lines should take protective measures through metal tubes. Electrical wiring and appliances to regularly check testing to ensure safe use.
          Sixth, strict management of dangerous goods
          Within the scope of protection of heritage buildings is prohibited the production, use, stockpiling and operating explosive dangerous goods, prohibited fireworks. Heritage buildings and other residential class as accommodation, catering and other functions of heritage buildings for production and life of residents, due to the use of gas production and living needs, stacking firewood and other combustible materials, to take effective security measures. Other artifacts inside ancient buildings, prohibited the use of gas, the laying of gas pipelines must not, shall not be stacked firewood, wood and other combustible materials, and should be clearly established "prohibited fireworks", "No Smoking", "ban fireworks" and other signs.
          Seven, strict management of large-scale activities
          Held within the scope of protection of architectural heritage worship, temple, amusement parks, exhibitions and other events, the organizers should be fire inspection, additional necessary fire facilities, equipment and fire-fighting equipment, while developing fire fighting and emergency evacuation and pre-organized exercise. According to the provisions prior to the activities of the measures reported to the local police and fire departments for examination and approval, before events.
          Eight fully carry out fire safety inspections to check
          Heritage building fire safety responsibility or manager should be organized every quarter at least 1 fire inspection, focus on examination of the following elements:
          (A) fire safety management system implementation, management and use of the unit and other staff responsible for fire prevention and fire fighting knowledge and skills mastery
          (B) to carry out routine inspections of fire situation;
          (C) evacuation routes, emergency exits and fire channels (fire road) is smooth, whether fire spacing appropriations;
          (Iv) fire facilities, installations and equipment in good condition effective case;
          (V) whether the fire water to meet the needs;
          (Vi) whether the illegal use of fire, electricity, oil, gas situation;
          (Vii) the installation of electrical products, the use of their lines, laying of pipelines comply with fire technical standards and regulations;
          (Viii) required to allow incense, point wax using fire place, compliance with relevant regulations, and the implementation of security measures;
          FIRE SAFETY MEASURES case (ix) key parts;
          (J) fire hazard rectification and the implementation of preventive measures;
          (11) other fire safety management situation.
          (Part-time) fire management personnel shall preceding paragraph (c), (d), (f), (g), (h), (9) the content of the daily fire inspections; heritage buildings for community During the opening, at least once every two hours fire safety inspections, and to strengthen the nighttime inspections.
          Nine, earnestly carry out fire drills
          Heritage Building property unit and management unit shall formulate the unit fighting and emergency evacuation plans, clear every shift, all staff positions and alarm, evacuation, fire fighting since the beginning of responsibilities, at least once every six months to carry out the exercise. Personnel concentrated focus sessions religious activities, folk activities, should be combined with the actual development of special plans.
          Ten, earnestly carry out fire safety education
          Heritage Building property unit and management unit shall carry out regular fire safety education and training, to enhance awareness of fire safety, fire safety skills to master. It should be understood that the unit personnel units, the post fire hazard and fire prevention measures, will call the police, it will be the beginning of fire fighting, evacuation escape will save themselves. We must be practical for the public to carry out fire prevention, fire safety warning labels set up in prominent position, put up fire safety information icon.