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          了解金盾消防/About Jindun
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          "Fire safety signs" GB August 1 implementation

          Fire equipment Network finishing: According to Xinhua News Agency reporters on the 31st from the National Standards Committee was informed that the newly revised GB13495.1-2015 "fire safety signs - Part 1: flag of" national standards will take effect on August 1 this year, officially implemented.

          According to reports, the new standards will be divided into fire safety signs fire alarm signs, emergency evacuation 6 class escape signs, fire equipment signs, prohibition and warning signs, direction auxiliary logo, text auxiliary flag, a total of 25 common signs and two directions auxiliary flag.

          The new standard increased the fire telephone, wheeled fire extinguishers, fire guns and other three kinds of signs, and emergency exits, fire ladders, fire hoses as specified in the original standard, beware of fire - flammable substance, beware of fire - oxides and beware explosion - the name of an explosive substance and other six kinds of signs were modified to safety exits, escape ladders, fire hose reel, beware flammable, Beware Beware oxide and explosives.